Main Exams : 2022

Name of Subject Practical Papers Branches
301 Professional Management and Entrepreneurship Download CA/CD/ID/TD
Entrepreneurship Development Download MO
302 Copy Writing Download CA
Textile Fabrics Download CD
Computer Application-III Download MO
303 Interior Specification & Quantity Estimation Download ID
Professional Studies -II Download CA
Theory of Fashion-III Download CD
Communication Skills-III Download MO
304 Building Services Download ID
Structural Fabric Design-III Download TD
305 Basic Textile Knitting Download TD
Creative lllustration Download CA
Fashion lllustrations-III Download CD
Natural Interior Scaping Download ID
306 Interior Material & Construction-III Download ID
Business Correspondence-II Download MO
307 Business Law & Environment Download MO
Free Hand Drawing & Painting Download TD
Interior Design & Furniture Design-ll Download ID
308 Drafting & Garment Construction-III Download CD
Human Resource Management Download MO
Graphic Design-lll Download CA
Creative Textile Design-ll Download TD
Applied Design & Drawing Download ID