Main Exams : 2022
Name of Subject Practicals Papers Branches
201 Computer Applications-II   BC/CA/CD/ID/TD
Environment And Marketing Management   MO
202 Environmental Studies Download BC/CA/CD/ID/TD
Computer Applications-II   MO
203 Entrepreneurship And Parlour Management Download BC
Professional Studies-I   CA
Theory of Fashion-II   CD
Theory of Design   ID
Dyeing And Printing-I   TD
Communication Skill-II   MO



Cosmetic Science Download BC
Photography   CA
History of Interior Design-II   ID
Structural Fabric Design-II   TD
205 Indian Traditional Textiles   TD
Drawing And Illustration-II Download CA
Fashion Illustrations-II Download CD
Beauty Culture-II Download BC
206 Business Correspondence -I   MO
Hair Dressing-II Download BC
207 Common Disorders of Skin, Hair & Scalp Download BC
Interior Design And Furniture Design-I Download ID
Drawing And Rendering Download TD
208 Drafting And Garment Construction-II   CD
Graphic Design-Il Download CA
Drafting And Garment Construction-Il Download CD
Creative Textile Design-I Download TD
Workshop Download ID
Body Perfection And Yoga -II Download BC