Main Exams : 2022
Name of Subjects  Practical Papers Branches
101 Computer Application-I Download BC/CA/CD/ID/TD
Principles of Management   MO
102 Communication Skills In English Download BC/CA/CD/ID/TD
Computer Applications-I   MO
103 Natural Cosmetology   BC
Art Appreciation And Aesthetics   CA
Theory of Fashion-I   CD
Theory of Materials     ID
Introduction To Textiles   TD
Communication Skills-I   MO



Anatomy And Physiology   BC
Basic Design   CA
History of Interior Design-I   ID
Structural Fabric Design-I   TD
105 Colour And Creation   TD
Drawing And Illustration-I Download CA
Beauty Culture-I Download BC
Fashion Illustration-I Download CD
Basic Design I Download ID
106 Office Management & Secretarial Practice   MO
Interior Material And Construction-I   ID
Hair Dressing-I Download BC
107 Dietetics   BC
Handling of Office Equipments   MO
Sketching And Drawing Download TD
Architectural Drawing Download ID
108 Drafting & Garment Construction-I Download CD
Graphic Design-I Download CA
Arts And Graphics Download ID
Basics of Designing Download TD
Body Perfection And Yoga-I Download BC